Running For Days

by Jake Langley

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This song is the original version of a track that is released by Common Thief called " Addiction ". Dillon Vuksanovich my best friend and the original singer of that band lost his battle with addiction. I wrote parts of this song based on stories he had told me and conversations we had about his struggles with staying clean. One story in particular when him and his ex who got him into heroine shot him up and then overdosed. One of the many times he survived an O.D. This song is dedicated to his memory and to anyone trying to get clean. Don't give up and never surrender to your demons.


You only smoke when you drink
You only drink when you're low
but lately it seams like you're one or both
You only laugh when you're high
So you get high all the time
Just to ease the pain on your troubled mind

Bud it feels like you've been running for days
Trying to keep up with their break neck pace
And it feels like you've been running for days
Can't stop the movement in your restless legs

You never learned how to say "no"
Foot the bill and pick up blow
No you recite all your lines with your noses
All day long from dusk till dawn
If you heard they turned up dead
I hope you heard wrong

But it feels like its been snowing for days
A white cloud looms over this God forsaken place
It feels like its been snowing for days
Cause I can't feel my face

One fateful night beneath that oak tree
You guessed it right
They both O.Ded
Spikes in their arms I won't forget
Life hit hard like a ton of brick

But it feels they've been sleepin for days
White sheets pulled over their faces
It feels like I've been asleep for days
This bed is an early grave

And you can call it a "crutch" if it helps you walk
And paint it as a promise if it's all talk
But talk is cheap and so are we
And take it for granted but when it's gone
You'll only relate to the saddest songs
I'm coming clean
But don't count on me


released February 10, 2015
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered : Logan Summy Third Leg Audio
Music & Lyrics : Jake Langley



all rights reserved


Jake Langley New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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